Our Story

Triangle Table Tennis was formed in 2014 by Ann Campbell. Ann built one of the finest Table Tennis centers in the world with playing conditions that surpass those at many International Championships and World Championships.

From December 2018 through December 2019 the club retained and maintained focus on Table Tennis. In January 2020 we expanded and built 9 Badminton courts with purpose of developing both Table Tennis and Badminton National Level Athletes. The name was then changed to Triangle Badminton and Table Tennis. The club is owned and operated by the Niu and Nishal family.

Triangle Badminton & Table Tennis –
Board Members
Jason Niu

Jason previously worked as a Software Engineer in financial, auto parts and smart meter industries. He is also the founder of two education business companies specialized in STEM education.

Jason started Badminton program at TBTT in January 2020, raised over 350 members in less than 6 months, and managed the company survived COVID-19 pandemic. Jason’s goal at TBTT is to create the best Table Tennis and Badminton community in RTP area, and to advocate the two sports to more and more people.

Nishal Ravi

Nishal Ravi is a passionate sports enthusiast and Senior Architect in Treasury of NC. He travels with his son, Namith Nishal Raphael for USAB tournaments and recognized the need for Academy level Badminton facility in NC. Since then he has worked closely with South Zone clubs to develop training programs and friendly tournaments across the zones.

Triangle Badminton and Table Tennis will work hard to develop and achieve future talents. Nishal is very excited to work with clients and partners to achieve ‘The Big Dream’.

Table Tennis Advisory Board
Dr. Mike Babuin

Dr. Mike Babuin serves Triangle as High Performance Director and is responsible for identifying and tracking progress of elite training opportunities for (primarily) mini-cadet, cadet and junior athletes at the Center. Mike will work closely and coordinate with the Triangle Coaching Team to help nurture and promote viable opportunities that can benefit deserving young athletes who show skilled and talented promise. These opportunities may include International, National, Regional, or, local opportunities in Morrisville at Triangles National Center of Excellence. Mike was responsible for arranging for a very special elite athlete visit from the Chinese National Team in 2014. As part of his duties, he will pursue arranging for additional elite training opportunities for Triangles developing athletes moving forward in coming months and years. Finally, Mike will seek sponsorship opportunities for developing athletes who demonstrate a positive attitude, commitment, skill, and talent in the pursuit of elite excellence – both on and off the court. Additional details of Dr. Babuin’s table tennis experience are found on the Triangle website under the Advisory Board listing.

Diana Gee

Diana represented the United States as a table tennis athlete in two Olympic Games (1988 and 1992). She is also a nine-time National Women’s Double Champion and five-time National Mixed Doubles Champion. Diana was a member of the U.S. National Team from 1985 through 1992, was honored as the USA Table Tennis Sportswoman and Female Amateur Athlete of the Year in 1985, and was the 1990 National Collegiate Singles and Mixed Doubles Champion. She was inducted into the USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame in 2009. In addition to being an elite athlete, Diana has continued to give back to her sport and the Olympic Movement. She has represented the U.S. at the International Olympic Academy, worked for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, served as Athlete Liaison for the 1997 U.S. Summer World University Games Delegation, and was an athlete representative for the USOC’s Athlete Advisory Council from 1998-2000. In 2008, she acted as a U.S. Olympic Ambassador for athletes competing in the Olympics in Beijing. In 2012, Diana volunteered at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Cary, NC, and she continues to do some part time coaching.

Bill Warren

William L. (Bill) Warren worked in the regulation of the construction and operation of health care facilities in North Carolina for the last 26 years of his career. Mr. Warren has been a Table Tennis player since 1963 and is a strong advocate to promote the growth of the sport both locally and nationally to improve the mind, body, and soul of those persons that either already play the sport or potentially will adopt the sport as their lifetime activity.

He retired as Medical Facilities Construction Chief of the Construction Section, Division of Health Service Regulation, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in 2010.  Mr. Warren was responsible for the review of plans and specifications for new construction or renovations/additions with a staff of approximately 50 Architects and Engineers, to perform plan review and inspections of the following facility types: hospitals, hospital based outpatient clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, nursing homes, adult and family care homes, hospice residential care facilities, state owned mental health facilities, mental health psychiatric hospitals, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/ID), and mental health institutional and residential facilities, women health service centers, child care centers and county and municipal jails. At the request of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Service Division of Social Services (DSS), the Construction Section also reviews plans for the construction and remodeling of children’s foster care camps, residential child-care facilities and residential maternity homes licensed by DSS.

Mr. Warren was with the Construction Section as Building Systems Engineer (1984-1988), Assistant Chief (1998-1991) and in December of 1991, he assumed the position of Chief of the Construction Section (1991-2010).  Mr. Warren has a B.S. degree in Engineering Operations from North Carolina State University and is experienced in the areas of Electrical, Mechanical, Building Systems and Maintenance engineering.

As a member of the Member Advisory Board, he believes that one of our goals and duties is to promote and support the development of promising players that show a high level of talent and commitment to excel in the sport of Table Tennis as well as the overall growth and sustainability of our table tennis center while providing access to quality Table Tennis activities to all people who desire to participate in the sport.

Badminton Advisory Board
Abraham Jacob

“Abraham Jacob (Jake) is an avid badminton enthusiast and has actively participated in a number of badminton tournaments. He is also a half marathon runner and has run in half marathons in NC, Mumbai and is looking to accomplish this in other countries as well.

Apart from his interests in running, he is also a good hockey, handball, cricket and soccer player and has represented college and district in some of these disciplines. He is also a good strategic thinker and has organized a number of sports and cultural events.

He is an accomplished leader and mentor to a number of folks in the community. He brings with him his vast experience in leading, organizing and managing events.”

Mohammad Khan

Mohammed Khan grew up in Bangladesh where he competed in many Junior State and National championship tournaments. Mohammed moved to USA because of education while he was a top-ranking junior player. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He has competed in multiple local, regional, and national tournaments in USA. He won many local and regional tournaments. He was a senior national gold medalist in MD and XD. He is a very successful tournament organizer. He is also a big contributor to other local organizations.

Bill McMahon, BWF Certified Level 1 Coach

Grew up in Niagara Falls, NY, on the US - Canadian border, where I was taught badminton by Hall of Fame members Béa Massman and Ethel Marshall. For whatever reason, that area was a hotbed for badminton with several national champions, world class competitors, and numerous tournaments. Played competitive junior badminton since age of 10 in US and southern Ontario, and later at Duke for the past 50+ years; winner of several US national senior singles and doubles titles, and several regional and national tournament championships in singles, doubles and mixed doubles; my love for badminton extends beyond accomplishments to a sport requiring speed, mental and physical quickness and strength, and is increasing in popularity on local and global levels.

As an older player, I marvel at the change in the sport from my early years with respect to strategy, equipment and training. With proper training and technique, badminton can be enjoyed and played for many decades. Some of the more recent developments in the game, locally, are its popularity and the skill and successes of its younger players. Embracing the sport’s popularity, nurturing and promoting its juniors and competitive players, and enhancing the social connections that players love, it’s a challenge to juggle these important priorities. Really, it’s a “good problem”. I am very proud to be able to address the badminton community’s concern on the Advisory Board of TBTT.