Table Tennis Leagues

  • Try any of our leagues! Family friendly, players aged from 8 through to 80’s. Leagues for everyone. All are welcome. Great exercise and a fun evening out. Come try our leagues.
  • Pay in advance
  • Full Season non-member = $180
  • Full Season member = $90
  • Full Season premium member = $80
  • Group composition is ordered by rating with 3 group winners from the previous session automatically advancing to a higher group
  • Rating adjustments are calculated at the end of each session
  • Once processed, each participant will receive an email summary of their matches

League Schedule

  League Type Start Time Sign-In By Rating
Monday Open League
Tuesday Division 3 League 6.00 pm 5:45 pm (1300 & below)
Thursday Division 2 League 6:00pm 5:45 pm (1301-1700)
Friday Division 1/Super League 7:00 pm 6:45 pm (1701+)

3 seasons per year

Current season - January - April 2022

Next season - May - August 2022


* Prizes vary from league to league/season to season depending on total number of full season registrants


To register for a league, please inquire at the front desk or call 919-388-0272 or email: