Congratulations to Coach Yu Di, who has been appointed as the head coach for Triangle Table Tennis (TTT) in Morrisville, NC. TTT is the largest purpose built club in the Americas based in a 30,000 Sq. Ft facility with up to 40 tables. 

Coach Yu Di began his Table Tennis career in China, where he earned a position on the Liaoning Province Team. In addition to reaching a USATT rating of over 2500, he has a wealth of competition experience in both China and the United States.

Di coaches nationally ranked Cadet and Junior athletes including: Isabell Xu, Rachel Wang and Zelin Ye. All three have achieved top 5 national rankings in their age groups with Zelin Ye being the number #1 ranked Cadet in Canada. Additionally, Di coaches Yijun Feng, the current men’s National Doubles Champion and this year’s Men’s singles quarter finalist.

Di has and continues to make positive contributions to American Table Tennis . At TTT,  Di created multiple group coaching sessions designed to take children from novices to elite juniors, competing on a national stage. Students who participate in group coaching, private lessons and competition at TTT improve faster and accumulate valuable playing experience. 

Di’s ambition? To create the next generation of champions based out of Morrisville, NC.

Here is an excerpt from Yu Di on his group lessons and the importance of playing under pressure: 

During group training, Coach Yu Di will arrange training for situations that often occur in games. During these situations, he will look for problems that young players often have when trying to win under pressure. After, he will correct the problems of each player, giving detailed advice and guidance about the specifics each player needs to work on in order to improve. Easy to play but hard to win, these are the types of situations you can expect to practice during one of Coach Yu Di’s group lessons.

  1. Start at the score of 10:10, whoever leads by two points first wins. This kind of situation will often appear in real games. The score will reach 10:10. Both sides are very nervous to see who has fewer mistakes, who is smarter, and who has better tactics. Repeated practice can increase a player’s experience of playing at 10:10, so that when it happens in a real game, they will be prepared.
  2. Start at the score of 7:9, with the person with 7 points serving first. The purpose of this drill is to exercise the spirit of never giving up when your score is behind. The goal is to try and tie the game, and finally win the game. This exercise also teaches players how to adjust their mentality when they encounter difficulties, and how to play when they are nervous. The person who receives the serve two points ahead can also train to not relax when leading, and to carefully play each ball.
  3. The losers need to do physical training, such as 20 push-ups, if you do not want to do it, you need to win, so you can exercise their fighting spirit, do their best to play the game.

After a year of group training, many of TTT’s top juniors such as Rachel Wang, Bella Xu, and Zelin Ye have improved a lot, and achieved excellent tournament results.