Coaches Guidelines and Rules

  • Ensure you arrive in good time for lesson, enough to mark new balls with TTT in event we are short of balls
  • Coaching carts for lessons need only have 120-144 balls. Filling baskets to top of basket, results in many more broken balls and other coaches not having enough to coach with; especially when we have multiple group and individual lessons occurring at the same time. Similarly, for group lessons coaches tend to use more ball than needed. Get students/parents to help collect balls during and after lessons
  • Student bookings in advance are preferred for all lessons
  • Make sure the students pay before individual & group lessons in advance and always prior to taking a lesson (instead of simply walking in). Where no card on file they need to pay in advance we are not staffed to chase down people for money.
  • Take a roll call for group lessons – will provide each coach with a book to record lessons so we don’t lose track of any.
  • Do not move tables/barriers without speaking to front desk and move them back after lesson
  • If coaching caddies are moved to main playing area return them after to originally location
  • Make sure the barriers are tidy, between lesson and after lesson
  • Collect the balls after lessons
  • Make sure to wear the JOOLA t-shirt during the lesson
  • Do not sit on the tables
  • Don’t use the phone during the lesson unless emergency and if you do take a call keep it to a minimum
  • Promote GEWO and then JOOLA going forward. Use GEWO for coaching sessions.
  • Ask the student to book more lessons after they finish their session, and let them be excited / give positive energy so they can come back again
  • Promote for league and group lessons especially the new customers and promote our tournament, especially for juniors – we often have novice events
  • Call or text your students if you’re not able no come for the lesson, if you can’t get hold of them ask another coach to cover the lesson for you
  • Make sure the students receive the full time for which they have paid. If you are late or you go to the restroom you need to make time up for student.
  • Glue in back storage area
  • Wear professional apparel
  • Before going away to events please check with Jason or Michael. Our center relies on coaching revenue and when all coaches go to play same event this means we miss out of revenue we would otherwise make. If approved, you need to call each student and let them know you are going out of town for lesson.
  • If someone takes ball from coaching area tell them they are not allowed to do this. We lost 300 balls in a single week, which is completely unacceptable. They are likely being stolen.
Coach Name

Cell Phone


Michael Levene

Shruthi Javvaji

Ojo Onaolapo

Rachid El Boubou

Di Yu

Louis Levene

Gregg Robertshaw

Sean Liu

Mike Babuin