20% summer court discount through 9/15/20199

Visit here to view or reserve courts online or call reception on (919) 388 0272

Courts can be booked for Basketball, Pickleball, Soccer, Dodgeball, Cricket, or Badminton.  Discounts for members. Low per person pricing for walk ins.


Court Costs

Court Size TimeTimeNon-member MemberPremium Member
70 x 35 Off Peak Week day before 5:00pm 32.00/hour 28.80/hour 25.60/hour
70 x 35 StandardWeekend40.00/hour 36.00/hour 32.00/hour
70 x 35 Peak Week days after 5:00pm 48.00/hour 43.20/hour 38.40/hour
85 x 40 Off Peak Week day before 5:00pm 38.40/hour 34.56/hour 30.72/hour
85 x 40 StandardWeekend48.00/hour 43.20/hour 38.40/hour
85 x 40 PeakWeek days after 5:00pm 57.60/hour 51.84/hour 46.08/hour
Party Room Any Time Any Time 100.00/hour 80.00/hour 60.00/hour
Pool or Air Hockey Any Time Any Time $5.00/person/hour FREE/person/hour FREE/person/hour
Walk in 70 x 35 standard court Subject to conditions below $8.00/person/hour. One person in party must be member $5.00/person/hour FREE/person/hour

Walk ins

Per participant, when courts are available. In person only (no reservations by phone). Subject to staff availability to setup court. Free court use for premium members limited to 2 hours per week and thereafter rate is $5.00 per hour. For walk-ins one person in party must be a member of TTT.